As a leader in the hotel industry, you have an important role in protecting and promoting the American economy, and we should be proud of that. We need to ensure that our regulators and politicians are aware of our importance to the economy, and one of the best ways to increase awareness is to contribute to INN PAC, the Political Action Committee of the IHG Owners Association.

INN PAC amplifies your political voice, educating and mobilizing members to become more politically active, and supporting candidates who promote legislation and policies that create a fair business environment, allowing the lodging industry to create jobs and grow the economy.

Through your contributions, INN PAC is able to support Members of Congress whose voting records have improved the climate for travel and tourism, including small business owners. These Members have introduced and supported legislation that improves your ability to run a successful hotel, such as expanding visa programs, or voted in opposition to legislation that could significantly harm your business.

Looming on the horizon are potential changes to living wage, immigration, and the Affordable Care Act that can greatly impact your bottom line. Our coordinated activity – INN PAC contributions, IHG’s public affairs activity, and AH&LA’s lobbying in Washington – all add up to an industry that is organized and effective in promoting our positions.  By contributing to INN PAC, you remind Capitol Hill of our significant role in the U.S. economy. The more contributors we have, the better we are heard.

Please consider supporting INN PAC and giving your voice to hotel owners’ interests on Capitol Hill.


We give special thanks to our past contributors and encourage our members to contribute to INN PAC as an investment in protecting their individual business goals and their future. We have seen, time and again, that together we can make a difference. 

To visit IHGs Political Action Portal, click the link below: